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Hack your $80 GPS System

GPS systems out there range anywhere from $70 to upwards of $400 depending on the feature sets included.


I recently took advantage of the fact that some of the low-end GPS systems on the market run on Windows CE. This leaves open the opportunity to hack the system, gain access to the Windows CE desktop, and from there, the sky’s limit.


The GPS system that I purchased is the Nextar X3-01, which is a portable 3.5″ screen unit that comes complete with car mounting kit and SD card slot (this is critical). You’ll most likely be able to find this kind of model in the bargain bin or at liquidation retailers. Online the prices range from $80 – $300, but you can probably find it at the low end of that range at some local store. Continue reading

Witnessing History

It’s not often that one gets to witness history this up close. Obama has just become the first African-American president of the US and I was here to see it all happen.

No, I was not at some sort of election party. Yes, I am Canadian and damn proud of it. No, I’m not American and also damn proud of it. But when a momentous event like this takes places, it makes you feel good to be around to witness it. The technology involved in this year’s US election has made it incredibly easy to follow the election race. Twit, my favourite tech programming on the Internet broadcasted live, a discussion of not only the election but also how technology has made it possible to feel so involved, all from the comfort of my couch. And I never even scratched the surface of it all! If I were closer to the US elections, if I were an American citizen and were involved in voting, I would have sucked it all in. There’s a hidden side of me that tremendously enjoys politics, and who does it on a grander scheme than the Americans?

I’m glad the results came in the way they did. I hope this will put the Americans on a better path for the future and since so much of US policy affects or gets copied by our Canadian government, I am glad that at least there is now a US president that seems to have a better understanding of the things that matter to me. I did not get my wish in our latest Canadian election but I am hopeful for changes in the US that will eventually trickle down to us across the border.

Congratulations to Barack Obama and the American people for making the choice I would have made. I am proud to have lived during these exciting times.