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Orb MyCasting – I’ve seen the Future!


What is a MyCast from Orb? Well they have a great description and many details on their website so I won’t go into the details. But let it suffice to say that with this software, running on my home PC, I can view all of my videos, podcasts, music files, photos, and anything that’s either a video, audio, or media file, from anywhere I can access the web.

This stuff even works on my Dell Axim pocket pc. It’s somehow amazing that I was able to walk around the office, watching “The Office” in the palm of my hand, knowing it was streaming via the wireless LAN and then via the Internet, all the way from my computer at home. The current version is a little buggy, it tends to crash but it does a great job when it’s running. Streaming quality is excellent, of course dependent on your network connection, and the new flash player allows for even more flexibility than before.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who is on the go a lot and just doesn’t have enough time at home to watch their media stored on their PC.



High-Tech Golfball Finder

I know some of my friends could make good use of this gadget…

The BallFinder scout is the perfect accessory for golfers who want an easier way to locate a lost ball. It scans “up to 600 square feet in one second or almost 1/7 of an acre in 10 seconds.” That’s not all, “each of two million pixels is scanned in nanoseconds and analyzed pixel by pixel using proprietary GLS golf ball locating system technology to look for the unique color signature found on any standard white golf ball.”

The Inflating Flashbag

A USB flash drive that inflates as you fill it with data….

Designed by Dima Komissarov, the Flashbag is a USB storage device that inflates as it “fills up with data”. Currently, the technology is patent pending. No word yet on if the Flashbag will go into produciton.


Origami UMPC runs Linux!

The Ultra Mobile PC, Microsoft’s new ultra-ultra-portable personal computer, apparently has a few new tricks up its sleeve that Microsoft neglected to tell anyone. In their testing of a prototype UMPC, UMPCOrigami found that Samsung’s engineers, awaiting the “official” operating system from Microsoft, had taken matters into their own hands and installed Linux in Windows’ place. Refusing to name the distribution used in the test, the team managed to proudly display Tux at 800 x 400 and loaded up the GNOME Desktop Environment with no trouble. These new UMPCs will contain a 1 GHz Celeron M, Pentium M, or VIA C7-M x86 processor with 256MB RAM and a 30 or 60 GB hard drive.

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Ultimate Quake 3 Setup

How about playing Quake 3 on a 24 monitor wall? Yes, that’s exactly what the guys over at plastk did by running the game on a 12-node Linux cluster with two monitors per server.  This is just plain crazy. The bevel between the monitors detracts a little from the effect but it’s still a lot cooler than my single monitor…

Web Developer Extension

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Web Developer extension for Firefox but damn is it ever cool! The fact that you can visually display where CSS tags or blocks or divs or classes or whatever start and end is amazing. Want to see what colour and type that font is? Just turn on the elements info, hover your mouse over it and it will show you. That is just sweet! I realize some of my friends are going to go “Huh? Web Developer? CSS What? Block Who?” but someone who knows just how rough it can be to decipher someone else’s website’s style – especially if you’re trying to steal something 😉 – will appreciate this.

FireAnt: Better than Television

FireAnt is my new application for synchronizing podcasts and video casts. The nicest thing about it is its channel directory and its built-in media player.

FireAnt delivers a rich media experience through a simple to use, unified viewer that lets you watch all types of content without having to worry about which format it is (Quicktime, Windows Media, Real, Flash, MP3, and more).

FireAnt connects your favorite media to a wide variety of portable video players (Sony PSP, Apple iPod, Creative Zen Vision and more!) which gives you the power and flexibility to get media content right onto your portable devices! FireAnt also supports HTTP, Streaming, and BitTorrent downloads, bringing you an easy and efficient way of getting what you want when you want it.

ZenView Command Center Elite

Ok, I want this!

With six 24″ flat panel displays that feature 1920×1200 resolution (5760×2400 combined) and 1000:1 contrast ratio, the ZenView is truly an elite command center. Each panel includes five digital DVI-D inputs, analog RGB/VGA input, and an S-Video input. The only weak link is its price. For $11,999 you can either buy a single large HDTV display or several powerful computers.monitors

Microsoft Origami Project

I’m not a huge fan of carrying around heavy devices, such as a laptop. My blackberry (well, my company’s) is small enough but it’s still a pain to use. Apparently Microsoft is coming out with a new 7″ tablet type of device that was discovered just recently. More information is supposed to be made available on March the 2nd. There’s a few images floating around the net, including what looks like a promotional video (see below).

From the looks of it, it’s pretty cool and may combine the features of your laptop with those of an iPod. From the video, it would appear that these devices can play back music, connect to WiFi networks (and possibly Bluetooth devices), and has enough power to handle graphics work and games. Like Tablet PCs, Origami makes use of a pen input device, as well as buttons on either side of the screen. The video also reveals the device will be available in at least two colours (black / lime green), and has a docking station to match.

Here’s another screenshot, plus the video: