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An Inconvenient Truth

Forget about Steve Job’s keynote speech. Never mind Bill Gates’, either. If you see one speech, if you watch one movie or documentary this year, if you care about this planet we live on at all, watch An Inconvenient Truth. Never mind that Al Gore got screwed out of his presidency, whether you like him or not, this is too important to ignore. There is some truly astonishing predictions here that if they come true, and so far they all have, could leave cities like New York, San Francisco, the whole of the Netherlands, and more under water in as soon as ten years. Please, do yourself a favor and educate yourself, and then start to change.


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The Calm before the Storm

So since my girlfriend is going in for surgery next week, we decided it was a good idea to get out of town this weekend so we could relax for a couple of days. Even though Kamloops wasn’t our first choice, it was the best place to get an affordable suite with a hot tub. I’m writing this from our hotel room right now and if I wasn’t afraid of getting electrocuted, I’d post it from the hot tub. We went for a bit of a drive today (up Westsyde road till just about its end – see the Trip image on Flickr) and the strolled through Riverside park. We took some photos and I’ve posted them up at Flickr. Check them out here.

Origami UMPC runs Linux!

The Ultra Mobile PC, Microsoft’s new ultra-ultra-portable personal computer, apparently has a few new tricks up its sleeve that Microsoft neglected to tell anyone. In their testing of a prototype UMPC, UMPCOrigami found that Samsung’s engineers, awaiting the “official” operating system from Microsoft, had taken matters into their own hands and installed Linux in Windows’ place. Refusing to name the distribution used in the test, the team managed to proudly display Tux at 800 x 400 and loaded up the GNOME Desktop Environment with no trouble. These new UMPCs will contain a 1 GHz Celeron M, Pentium M, or VIA C7-M x86 processor with 256MB RAM and a 30 or 60 GB hard drive.

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Spore – From Bacteria to Galactic God

Spore is an upcoming gaming from Will Wright, the creator of Sim City and The Sims.

Spore is, at first glance, an evolution game: the player molds and guides a single-celled species across many generations, until it becomes intelligent, at which point the player begins molding and guiding a society into a spacefaring civilization. Spore’s main innovation, the basis of its scope and open-endedness, is that Wright has returned to procedural generation.

I personally can’t wait for this because it seems like it would be so different from every game I’ve played so far. Below is a 1 hour presentation from Will Wright that explains a lot about the game. Also check out the related links below.

Spore at Wikipedia
Spore Homepage

Pageflakes – Another startpage??

I thought I was done with these Ajax start pages. I was sure that Netvibes was what I was going to stick with. Well, then someone posted a comment that changed things. Enter Pageflakes. Same ideas as the other ones, little prettier, more features, and the ability to create your own flakes (widgets). Screenshots below:

Netvibes – Personal Homepage

Ok, ok, I’ve been obsessed with these Ajax powered start pages. But I think this one’s a keeper. If for nothing more than a new RSS feed reader. Netvibes has all the common features, RSS reader, to-do lists, weather widget, email checker, and more. They’ve also planned a number of nice features for the future. The layout is not as customizable as Protopage for example, but it’s more stable and reliable. Who knew the French could pull something like this off! Check it out, I highly recommend it.

Protopage – Online Start Page

Yesterday I blogged about Goowy. While it’s a pretty neat service it’s still a bit too buggy for everyday use. At least for me. So I decided to check out Protopage. This is another Ajax powered customizable personal homepage. It seems a little bit more stable and faster. It’s free, so it’s worth a try. See my screenshot below.

A Cat’s Life

This weekend I spent some time with my parents. My cat Felix was feeling like posing for the camera quite a few times. I’ve posted some pictures below. (For some stupid reason I can’t make the CSS show this in a wider, 2×2 column type of format)


Why do I blog?

I felt the need to state why I continue to participate in this weird exercise called blogging. Maybe I should define what blogging means first. Wikipedia defines blogging as

A blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”.

So why do I keep adding articles to my blog? Heck, 80% of them aren’t even mine. I probably didn’t even discover the information in them. Most likely I found them in someone else’s blog, or on a news site, or even in a podcast.  Still, I feel compelled to take the 3 minutes out of my day and copy and paste some content into a form and hit the Publish button.

I believe that my main motivation for this blog is not singular: I like to be able to go back a few months and see what was on my mind at that time. I enjoy the fact that my blog is something to tinker with. I like involving my friends who I do not see personally very often in what’s going on in my life. And finally, some things are just too cool, disgusting or weird to not write about.

Blogging also gives me something to do during my lunch hour. I have a lot of RSS feeds that I read or at least skim daily for anything that strikes my interest. So why not share it on here? Some may think it pointless, but I can’t wait to look over my posts in a few years time and see what happened then. Anything I can do to keep less stuff in my brain.

If you’re interested in blogging, I would suggest staying away from free services such as MSN spaces, Myspace, or even Blogger. Even though some are better (Blogger) than other (Myspace), I would suggest WordPress. Either run your own server and domain (you can get them free) or sign up for a free blog.