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Terror-free Gas? Proof of American Stupidity?

I bet people will buy into this, too:

Claiming U.S. dollars used to purchase gasoline made from Middle East oil funds terrorism, a group called the Terror-Free Oil Initiative opened the nation’s first “terror-free” gas station.

By the way, later in the story it says that the first contributor of this group buys some of its oil from the same place that every other company does…

Oh and just to make another point… 80% of Americans didn’t buy or read a book last year. Sad.

The little bit that Linux lacks

I use my computer a lot. So much in fact that I often catch flack from my girlfriend about never putting that damn laptop down. I have to use Windows for work. I’m dual booting with Ubuntu Edgy and am trying hard as can be to use Linux when I am at home. I love the way things just work and the interface of Ubuntu in general but there are some things that are still lacking.

This is a simple list of what I feel needs to be available for Linux in order for me to feel 100% comfortable and not yearning for that one app I had in Windows:

  • A nice text editor, ala Ultra Edit, Notepad++, xpad, etc, etc
  • A proper GUI FTP client, ala WS_FTP 2007, Smart FTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, there are tons for Windows, and not one for Linux that is appealing to the eye and functional
  • A good looking media player that will actually play everything I throw at it

One should not have to sacrifice UI for functionality so I don’t want to hear about those apps that do exist in Linux that provide 100% functionality but look like they were designed for Windows 95. I mean, even the default Ubuntu desktop blows Windows XP away and with Compiz or Beryl, Vista looks like an afterthought, but to mess it all up with some crappy boxy grey apps? No… Get my drift?