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Google Buzz Buzzes

It was about time I wrote down something else on this blog. For several months now I’ve had draft posts with nothing but titles in them, all so I could remember in the future what I at one time wanted to write about. I’m sure I’ll finish writing these any day now. Yeah. But yesterday Google rolled out a new service, Google Buzz, and it compelled me enough to at least write out a few of my initial thoughts.


First of all, I want you to really understand that these are just some initial thoughts, not in any particular order, and probably not well articulated. If you want to read a proper post about Google Buzz, check out Mitchell McKenna’s blog post, which I incidentally discovered via Google Buzz. Funny, huh? So here’s a few bullet points of the things I like, the things that bug me, and my general impressions of Google’s entry into the social networking arena. Continue reading

FriendFeed Acquired by Facebook – Now what?


Yesterday FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook for around $50 million. Having only spent time on FriendFeed on a regular basis for the last few weeks, it’s been interesting to see the general reaction of its followers.

A seemingly vast majority is quite upset about the move, whether it be their concern about the future of FriendFeed within the Facebook business, Facebook’s often non-user friendly terms of service, or the general breakup of a community they have grown to love. Continue reading