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Landmark II – The roof is on FIRE!

So my rather slow day turned a little more exciting around 11:30 am when I saw black smoke drifting outside of my office window. After some peeking through locked office doors and windows I finally went outside to see what was going on. The parking lot was full of people and over on the other side of the road, the roof of Landmark II was engulfed in black smoke with the occasional flare-up of flames. Fire engines soon arrived and it didn’t take long for them to get things under control. It was interesting nonetheless and thanks to cell-phone technology, here’s some pics and a video clip.

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Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art Photos

These unbelievable photos are chalk drawings done by Julian Beever. Beever uses his drawings to create an amazing 3D illusion. Julian Beever is an English artist who’s famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium. Most of his artwork it is impossible to tell whats real from what’s an illusion. Very cool stuff.

There’s three photos below and a lot more here.

Ultimate Quake 3 Setup

How about playing Quake 3 on a 24 monitor wall? Yes, that’s exactly what the guys over at plastk did by running the game on a 12-node Linux cluster with two monitors per server.  This is just plain crazy. The bevel between the monitors detracts a little from the effect but it’s still a lot cooler than my single monitor…

Obeying the Speed Limit

The story is this. A group of college students got together and decided to hold I-285 traffic to the posted speed limit (55). (I-285 makes a complete circle around Atlanta.) The Atlanta Journal quotes a spokesman for the DOT as saying that if the students weren’t blocking emergency vehicles and were going the speed limit, “they didn’t do a thing wrong.� He added, “In Atlanta… we expect the people going 75 to move over so the people going 95 can have the right of way.�

Definitely take the time to watch this video.

Crazy German Gamer

Ok, this video is pretty funny. Turn your volume down though because it is loud. Oh and please spare me the comments about how you think this is me 15 years ago. I see the joke there, ok? I get it. Save it.

Enjoy the video:

Ready for a StarTrek car?

Designed for “scientists, geologists, archaeologists or adventurers”, Nissan’s 4×4 Terranaut features a “spherical laboratory” that is accessed from a 360 degree swiveling seat. Unfortunately, all these workstations leave room for only one passenger side door.carfuture

What’s the chance of seeing the Terranaut on the street? Pretty good if you own a Holodeck.

Source: Autoblog

Photograph of near fatal lightning strike

This photograph was posted on Digg earlier today and it’s pretty damn amazing. There’s a lot of discussion about whether it’s a fake or not but the exif data in the image seems to indicate that it’s a legitimate photo.

“Within 0.5 seconds of me pressing the button, I had jumped at least 2 metres in the air, as I heard a tremendously loud crack of thunder, and see this amazingly bright beam of electricity right in front of me. I had then landed, grabbed the camera, and was inside the house within 2 seconds.”

CDs in the Microwave

We know we’re not supposed to put metal in the microwave. Not even those frozen juice cans… But have you ever wondered what would happen if you put some CDs in the microwave? Someone decided to find out and took a video of it. I don’t suggest doing this at home.