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Explosive Ordinance 2

I finally got this tonight after getting 13 kills with C4/Claymore/AT Mine. I did it on Karkand by using C4 all the time. I basically ran towards an enemy, tossed C4 at his feet and then blew both of us up. I ended up with 2 points in the round (wow!) but I did get the badge!

I also got the Basic Aviator badge by spending 10 minutes in an airplane and realizing just how bad I am at trying to bomb things.Battlefield 2

Explosive Ordinance 1

God, I was trying to get the Explosive Ordinance Badge tonight. It requires 13 kills with claymore, AT mine, or C4. I tried it on Karkand by just dropping claymore all over the place. I did get 8 kills with it before being banned for excessive teamkilling, lol. Guess I’ll try another time and hope for smarter teammates.Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 Patched

After today’s release of the Battlefield 2 v1.0.3 patch and some 160 changes to the game, including a general lowering of the number of points required for new ranks, I have gained 4 ranks and got to unlock 4 new weapons. YEAH!
I’m now a Gunnery Sergeant and unlocked the DAO-12, G36C, PKM, and L85A1. This leaves me with only the M95 sniper rifle and the Mk3A1 shotgun left to unlock. I’m so happy that finally I don’t have to hunt down those stupid points so much anymore.

This Weekend

It’s been a good weekend, lots of movies, Battlefield 2 (cracked 5,000 points!) and rest, rest, rest. I’ve also uploaded some pictures of Cierra, our cockatiel. Take a look at the sweetie on the right side.

Infantry Officer Ribbon

The Infantry Officer Ribbon is awarded to recognize the superior dedication of unit leaders during combat situations.

I got this tonight along with some other 1,000 points. It’s been good but I am beat. Going to bed now.Battlefield 2


Since I’ve been sniffling and sneezing all day I stayed home and instead worked on some things on my home network and this site. I’ve gotten hold of another computer and set it up as my firewall. I have really taken a liking to this ClarkConnect package. Aside from that, I’ve added a script and a page on here that displays the status of my Ventrilo server. I use that so that I can communicate with my buddies while playing BF2. I might also add an Xfire script if I can manage to. So keep checking this page to see if I’m playing BF2, because if I am, I’ll be connected to the Ventrilo server.Battlefield 2

BF2 and Windows Vista

I’ve tried Battlefield 2 in Windows Vista before and it did work, technically. I think I’ll give it another try tonight and see if the performance is good enough to play. Some potential sticking points are whether Teamspeak 2 will work and whether my Razor Diamondback mouse’s drivers will work. If not, then that’s a showstopper right there…. we shall see.

Lance Corporal – Again

Not wanting to wait for a response from EA as to whether or not they can restore my previous stats, I’ve started over and made it to Lance Corporal.

It took a mere two nights to accumulate nearly 1,500 points. Now if only I had as much free time every night, but alas, work is calling and my week long vacation is over today. Oh well, I have a feeling that my new account’s stats will be much better than my previous ones, now that I know what I’m doing. The G36C that I just unlocked should help with that as well. However, I still hold a tiny amount of faith that EA will be able to restore my previous stats…Battlefield 2